The future of antimicrobials

Our business :
The post-antibiotics era

Biofilm Pharma was founded in 2017 as a part of the Biofilm Technologies Group.

Biofilm Pharma benefits from the experience, technological leadership and patents of the Biofilm Technologies Group in its efforts of discovering and designing the future of antimicrobial drugs.


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12 décembre 2019


BioFilm Pharma and BIOASTER (, the French Institute for Technological Research in Infectious Diseases and Microbiology, announced today the signature of a research contract. To address the challenge of antibiotic…
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8 octobre 2019

World Anti-Microbial Resistance Congress

Biofilm Pharma will be present on the world Anti-Microbial Resistance congress, on november 7 & 8 2019 in Washington DC. You can meet Thierry Bernardi (CEO) and  Dr. Yannick Plétan…
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8 octobre 2019

RICAI 2019

Biofilm Pharma will participate to the 39th RICAI meeting on december 16 & 17 2019 in Paris. Thierry Bernardi, Jason Tasse, Christian Provot and Elodie Olivares will be present on…

At Biofilm Pharma,
we have one goal :
re-inventing antimicrobials to transform the way to cure infections

Thierry BERNARDI, CEO of Biofilm Pharma

Next generation antimicrobials
must be antibiofilms

Severe and chronic infections are now known to be caused by bacterial biofilms, a bacterial behavior which promotes adhesion to a surface and improves antimicrobial resistance.

When it comes to cure biofilm infections existing antibiotics therapies are ineffective.

At Biofilm Pharma, we have an innovative approach, based on products which prevent bacterial adhesion (antibiofilm) without killing bacteria (non antibiotic) and thus preserving the positive microbiote.

Cutting-edge technology
for first-in-class drugs

Biofilm Pharma uses its proprietary High Troughput Screening robotic platform in an unprecedented screening campaign of antimicrobial molecules with an anti-biofilm added value.

Our screening is unique thanks to the use of a patented technology of the Biofilm Technologies Group : the Biofilm Ring Test®. This technology is the only one to focus on bacterial adhesion, in a reliable and standardized way.

We are the only ones to have access to this information : that’s the Biofilm Pharma advantage !!!

Products Pipelines

BFP001 : Antibiofilm non antibiotic. Indications : Local, Diabetic Foot Ulcer, Joint & Bone Infections

BFP002 : Antibiofilm non antibiotic. Indications : Cystic Fibrosis

BFP101 : Antibiofilm antibiotic. Indications : Local, Diabetic Foot Ulcer, Joint & Bone Infections

BFP102 : Antibiofilm antibiotic. Indications : Cystic Fibrosis

Become a part
of the revolution

Biofilm Pharma has already financed its first project of antimicrobial treatments.

We are still searching for new investments and partnerships to develop our panel of drug candidates targeting chronic infections.

Seize the opportunity
to access an unexplored pharmaceutical market and being a pioneer in the new world of antimicrobials.

Our goal
Our values
Our philosophy

A video introduction to the Biofilm Pharma projects.